Five image options: Background, sidebar, post border, scrollbar, and favicon.

A selection of six fonts: Source code pro, open sans, iceberg, inconsolata, share, or ms gothic.

8 other optional features: Max background, gradient background, infinite scroll, captions, tags, post shadows, image fade and grayscale.

23 color options.

Fields provided to customize: Font size, image fade opacity, grayscale opacity, sidebar image size, sidebar image postion from top and left.

Other notable features: Three customizable links, reblog button on posts, a hover effect on permalinks/sidebar links (lines turn into x’s) and descriptions and tags that may be typed infinitely in.



code, features and preview under cut

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cream puff theme (+click to enlarge))

  • it can look both ways lmao (they’re basically identical you can use a pixel or a sidebar image if you want))
  • sidebar image or pixel is optional
  • search bar is optional
  • more links (hover over it and it’ll drop down) is optional
  • custom post sizes
  • optional tags
  • pagination only
  • and a lot of color customizations
  • you can also add a container background

if you want to make any customization changes and you need help or there is a problem just ask me and i will try to assist you ok!! :^)

preview - preview2pastebin


"Cat Theme" by Senpiez


  • one or two column
  • optional: cat sidebar, drop down links, circle links, square links, show/hide tags, show/hide captions, transparent posts, post/sidebar shadows, semitransparent posts, up to 5 custom links, description, post borders, round edges, and much more! 
  • ability to add an image on the top right, top left, bottom right, or bottom left of your blog! 

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